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We use the cutting edge technology to revolutionizing the supply chain paradigm

We at Mero Kishan strive to change the current dynamics of the fresh produce supply in the Nepalese kitchen. The current chain of fresh produce supply gives birth to the two major problems a. No market for produce from Nepalese farmer b. higher price to the household consumer.

Rotten produce at the farms and produce destroyed by the farmers due to lack of market and lower price offered to the farmer are the regular news. The local fresh produce lacks access to the market while the country imports to the tune of billions. The so-called middleman sets markups in multiple, causing the household to pay more. We imagine changing this paradigm of sufferings by both the Local farmers and the Households.

Mero Kishan, with the use of cutting-edge technology, provides the digital and physical platform to both the farmers to sale their fresh produce and the households to buy at a reasonable price.

How we help the farmers get better

The farming in Nepal has been traditionally for subsistence only. The reasons behind tradition way and purpose of farming are among other, lack of market to produce, farmers compulsion to sale at lower costs, lack of access to finance, lack of support for modern farming technique and training, unavailability of advanced seeds, lack of modern agricultural equipment, fertilizer.

We envision to change that by providing farmers with an opportunity to market their fresh produce. We collect fresh produce from the farmers' farm directly and sale via stores maintained by the Mero Kishan, and via e-commerce. Farmers not only get to sale their produce but also get the fair price for their produce through the use of automated pricing mechanism enabled by the artificial intelligence based on the analytics of data from the supply and demand of produce.

25 % more income
Doorstep collection of produce and delivery of agriculture equipment
Free Agriculture Insurance
Technical and Financial Support

How you are better served

Competitive Pricing

We deliver fresh, local and organic produce at very competitive price

Hygienic Produce

Our collection center grades the quality of the produce and delivers highest quality produce. We carry out tests of the produce at our lab. We care your health, hygiene and food safety, because we believe everyone deserves better food.

Fastest Door Step Deliver

Whatever you are craving for to cook into your kitchen, you just tip on your mobile screen, we deliver your orders according to your destination.