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Papaya 1 Kg - मेवा एक केजी

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In Nepal, Papaya can be found in the tropical region. It is one of the popular fruit in Nepal, which is consumed in regular basis too.

Adding Papaya in your diet is easy, and healthy too. It comes with many health benefits. Here are few benefits of consuming Papaya :

  1. It prevents against the risk of Asthma, and also contains anti-cancer properties.
  2. It is loaded with nutrients, and is also delicious in taste.
  3. It also has powerful antioxidation effects.
  4. Consuming papaya also helps to boost heart health.

Above are few health benefits of consuming a papaya. Adding a papaya also helps in digestion, lowers blood pressure, and more.

At Mero Kishan, you can buy fresh, local papaya at a reasonable price. You can also visit our outlets located at Sanepa, Budhhanagar, and Mid-Baneshwor to buy the products.


  • NRS 150

Category: FRUITS

Papaya is an incredibly healthy fruit which can be found in tropical climates. It a popular fruit due to its vibrant color, sweet taste, and many health benefits.

Consuming papaya comes with many health benefits such as aids in digestion, reduces the risk of heart dieases, cancer, lowering blood pressure, and more.