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Radish 1 Kg - मुला एक केजी

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Radish is an edible root vegatbles which is consumed all over the world. In Nepal, Radish is commonly consumed raw as a salad vegetables, and pickles.

Although many people doesn't like it, the vegetables comes with many health benifits. Some benefits of consuming radish are as follows:

  1. It helps to increase the oxygen supply in our body, and also controls damage to our Red Blood Cells (RCB).
  2. Radish is high on fiber, and helps to disgest our foods too.
  3. As a good source of anthocyanins, it also helps to maintain healthy heart.
  4. Radish also helps in control of Blood pressure, and increase immunity.

At Mero Kishan, customers can buy fresh, and local Kavre's radish by visiting our nearest outlets. They can also buy online using our website, and application.

  • NRS 60


Radish is one of commonly grown vegetable of Nepal. You can find it in every place of Nepal. It is commonly consumed raw as a salad vegetables, and pickles.

Radish is a healthy vegetable which comes with many benefits. It aids in digestion, and helps to keep and maintain healthy heart. Eating radish also increase our immunity power, and also controls our blood pressure.