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Ginger Ilam 1 Kg - ईलामको अदुवा एक केजी

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Ginger is one of the healthiest spice in the planet. It can be easily added in your daily diet, and has many benefits too. Some health benefits of gingers are as follows :

  1. It can help treat many forms of nausea.
  2. It helps with weight loss.
  3. It can help to treat osteoarthritis.
  4. It has anti-diabetic properties.

At Mero Kishan, you can buy ginger at reasonable price in Nepal. You can order ginger using Mero Kishan's website or mobile application.

  • NRS 280


Ginger is an important spice cash crop, which can be found in tropical, sub-tropical and humid climate. It is widely used in spice, and ayurvedic medicines.

In Nepal, Ginger is produced in many places, and regions. Ginger at Mero Kishan are from Ilam district.