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Lemon 1 Kg - कागती एक केजी

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In Nepal, Lemon is used in different forms. It is added in small quantities to add flavor to foods. It is also consumed by squeezing and making lemon water.

Being small in size, Lemon comes with many benefits. Below are few benefis of consuming a lemon :

  1. Lemons are good source of heart healthy vitamin C.
  2. It helps to control weight loss.
  3. It helps to prevent kidney stones.
  4. It also helps to protect against anemia.

These are few heath benefits of consuming, and adding lemon to your diet.

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  • NRS 220


Lemon is a popular fruits which is used to add falvor to different foods. Adding a lemon gives a different taste, and flavor to the foods.

Although, it is small in size it comes with many health benefits too. Did you know adding a lemon in your diet can help you to loss weight ?